We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion causes for all Urban Adventures Companies and the people impacted by its operations.

Our Board has a proven professional track record in serving their local communities and celebrating diversity. We welcome the entire community to connect with our Board Members and share your thoughts on how our companies can continue improving their efforts surrounding diversity and inclusion.

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Meet The Board

  • MichaelaBrown

    Michaela Brown

    Chairwoman and Charter Member
  • William Whitfield

    Vice Chair
  • Francisco Durán

    Elections & Recruitment Committee Chair
  • Jennifer Krystopowicz

    Community Relations Committee Chair
  • Vin Testa

    Talent Management Chair
  • Samuel Tatum, Jr.

    Marketing Committee Chair
  • Chris Parkison

    Charter Member
  • Jeremy S. Thompson

  • Daisy Evariz

  • Larry Brown

  • Samantha Hawkins

    Culture & Development Committee Chair
  • imageplace

    Tabitha LC Clarke

    Charter Member

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